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Pier Lighting Windows 7 Theme
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Desktop Background: Pier Lighting

Window Color : Twilight

Pier Lighting, 8.9 out of 10 based on 22 ratings
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Description: The Pier Lighting Windows 7 themes is a combination of HD quality wallpaper, window colors, and sounds. You can change color of your window borders, Start menu and taskbar. This themes can only be used in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

How to download a Pier Lighting theme, click Download link below, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your desktop and save it on your PC.
Download Pier Lighting Themepack

  • Cocacolaseal

    I LOVE this site and i’m so glad I found it!!! I’m not very computer literate, still learning. My son taught me how to get live wallpapers on my phone, so i was hping to get on my computer too!!! I guess my computer won’t take them though, it SUCKS!!! I also like Popular Screen Savers, I haven’t checked out there wallpapers yet though. Up untill the other day I only had beginners windows 7, now i have the whole version and still trying to figure it out. One day at a time. But so HAPPY to have these BEAUTIFUL wallpapers , so glad to have Wallpaper at all the beg. version didn’t let me.

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