Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
Cool Colors

Wallpaper: Cool Colors Window Color : Blush

Dusk Mountains

Wallpaper: Cave Castle Window Color : Slate


Wallpaper: Space Trees Window Color : Lavender

Nature Bond

Wallpaper: Nature Bond Window Color : Frost


Wallpaper:Monsters Window Color : Blush


Wallpaper: Desktopography Window Color : Frost

Colorful Triangles

Wallpaper: Colorful Triangles Window Color : Slate

Whales Dream

Wallpaper: Whales Dream Window Color : Violet

Lion Abstract

Wallpaper: Lion Abstract Window Color : Slate

Red Little Hearts

Wallpaper:Red Little Hearts Window Color : Ruby


Wallpaper: Creative Window Color : Lavender

Stars Glowing Island

Wallpaper: Stars Glowing Island Window Color : Taupe

December The Christmas Month

Wallpaper: December The Christmas Month Window Color : Violet

The Colours of the Year

Wallpaper: The Colours of the Year Window Color : Slate

Sun Birds

Wallpaper: Sun Birds Window Color : Sky


Wallpaper: Genuine Abstract Window Color : Violet


Wallpaper: Creation Window Color : Slate

One Planet Two Forces

Wallpaper: One Planet Two Forces Window Color : Blush

Balloon Flight

Wallpaper: Balloon Flight Window Color : Violet


Wallpaper: Botanicula Window Color : Taupe


Wallpaper: Amativ Window Color : Blush

Pixel Earth

Wallpaper: Pixel Earth Window Color : Slate

Feather Art

Wallpaper: Feather Art Window Color : Leaf

Water Splash Windshield

Wallpaper: Water Splash Windshield Window Color : Violet

Dark and Light

Wallpaper: Dark and Light Window Color : Chocolate

Welcome Spring

Wallpaper: Welcome Spring Window Color : Lavender

Tree Painting

Wallpaper: Tree Painting Window Color : Taupe

Burning Flower

Desktop Background: Burning Flower Window Color : Ruby


Desktop Background: Clock Window Color : Lavender

Blue Cloud

Desktop Background: Blue Cloud Window Color : Twilight Triangles

Desktop Background: Geometry Triangles Window Color : Violet

Wolf Drawing

Desktop Background: Wolf Drawing Window Color : Chocolate

Christmas Snowflakes

Desktop Background: Christmas Snowflakes Window Color : Blush

Gold Rain

Desktop Background: Gold Rain Window Color : Sun

Stardust Berry

Desktop Background: Stardust Berry Window Color : Violet

Stripes Hazard

Desktop Background: Stripes Hazard Window Color : Blush

Light Star Bright

Desktop Background: Light Star Bright Window Color : Twilight

Colorful Tree

Desktop Background: Colorful Tree Window Color : Blush

Heart Hand

Desktop Background: Heart Hand Window Color : Blush