Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
London 2012 Olympic Stadium

Desktop Background: London 2012 Olympic Stadium Window Color : Taupe

Love Book

Desktop Background: Love Book Window Color : Violet

Love Colorful

Desktop Background: Love Colorful Window Color : Slate

Love Heart Background

Desktop Background: Love Heart Background Window Color : Blush


Desktop Background: Diffusion Window Color : Twilight

Lion HD

Desktop Background: Lion HD by mohamed abdalltief Window Color : Custom

Hot Wind

Desktop Background: Hot Wind Window Color : Ruby

Abstract Circles of Life

Desktop Background: Abstract Circles of Life Window Color : Violet

Playing Alone

Desktop Background: Playing Alone Window Color : Violet

Landscape Oil Painting

Desktop Background: Landscape Oil Painting Window Color : Blush

Meadow Skyscapes

Desktop Background: Meadow Skyscapes Window Color : Sky

Bright Night

Desktop Background: Bright Night Window Color : Violet

Fire Earth

Desktop Background: Fire Earth Window Color : Slate

Feel My Love

Desktop Background: Feel My Love Window Color : Lime

Stone and Rain

Desktop Background: Stone and Rain Window Color : Violet


Desktop Background: Revolv Window Color : Violet

Water Cloud Fantasy

Desktop Background: Water Cloud Fantasy Window Color : Blush


Desktop Background: CMYK Window Color : Blush

Alive Tree

Desktop Background: Alive Tree Window Color : Sky

Heart Shiny

Desktop Background: Hearts Shiny Window Color : Ruby

Fluffy Clouds

Desktop Background: Fluffy Clouds Window Color : Sky

Vintage Wall

Desktop Background: Vintage Wall Window Color : Slate

Love Sand

Desktop Background: Love Sand Window Color : Lime

Fire Swirls

Desktop Background: Fire Swirls Window Color : Blush

Flowers Wall

Desktop Background: Flowers Wall Window Color : Violet

White Leaves

Desktop Background: White Leaves Window Color : Frost

Dark Blue

Desktop Background: Dark Blue Window Color : Blush

Love Font

Desktop Background: Love Font Window Color : Violet

Abstract Sound Waves

Desktop Background: Abstract Sound Waves Window Color : Violet


Desktop Background: Frostwork Window Color : Frost

Lighted Guitar

Desktop Background: Lighted Guitar Window Color : Twilight


Desktop Background: Espace Window Color : Violet

Christmas Design

Desktop Background: Christmas Design Window Color : Blush


Desktop Background: Starfield Window Color : Sky

Rainbow and Clouds

Desktop Background: Rainbow and Clouds Window Color : Sky

Simple Clouds

Desktop Background: Simple Clouds Window Color : Sky

Moon Behaind The Tree

Desktop Background: Moon Behaind The Tree Window Color : Violet

Autumn Leaves

Desktop Background:  Autumn Leaves Window Color : Blush

Metallic Breeze

Desktop Background: Metallic Breeze Window Color : Slate