Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
Colourful Flower

Desktop Background: Colourful Flower Window Color : Taupe

Make It Rain

Desktop Background:  Make It Rain Window Color : Slate

Amazing Fish

Desktop Background: Amazing Fish Window Color : Sky

3D Nature

Desktop Background: 3D Nature Window Color : Sky

Heart in Fire

Desktop Background: Heart in Fire Window Color : Violet

Painting Life

Desktop Background: Painting Life Window Color : Frost


Desktop Background: iDrops Window Color : Lavender


Desktop Background: Error Window Color : Violet

Few Clouds

Desktop Background:  Few Clouds Window Color : Slate

Superb Fantasy

Desktop Background: Superb Fantasy Window Color : Violet

Flowers Heart

Desktop Background: Flowers Heart Window Color : Blush

Windows of Nature

Desktop Background: Windows of Nature Window Color : Slate

Scrap Metal

Desktop Background: Scrap Metal Window Color : Slate

White ti Blue

Desktop Background: White ti Blue Window Color : Sky

Love Heart

Desktop Background : Love Heart Window Color : Slate

Door To Heaven

Desktop Background : Door To Heaven Window Color : Slate

Colorful Circles

Desktop Background : Colorful Circles Window Color : Slate

Flames Hearts

Desktop Background : Flames Hearts Window Color : Blush


Desktop Background : Creative Window Color : Violet

Green Fever

Desktop Background : Green Fever Window Color : Taupe


Desktop Background :  Dripping Window Color : Violet

Nature Mist

Desktop Background : Nature Mist Window Color : Taupe


Desktop Background : Impulso Window Color : Violet

Rainbow Nuke

Desktop Background : Rainbow Nuke Window Color : Blush

Rainbow Cloud

Desktop Background : Rainbow Cloud Window Color : Sky

Drink Universe

Desktop Background : Drink Universe Window Color : Blush

Under The Water

Desktop Background : Under The Water Window Color : Violet

Stars Space

Desktop Background : Stars Space Window Color : Violet

Smooth Blurry

Desktop Background : Smooth Blurry Window Color : Taupe

Spiritual Inspiration

Desktop Background : Spiritual Inspiration Window Color : Taupe

Blue Room

Desktop Background : Blue Room Window Color : Twilight

Red Room

Desktop Background : Red Room Window Color : Ruby

Jigsaw Rock

Desktop Background : Jigsaw Rock Window Color : Leaf

Cool Blue

Desktop Background : Cool Blue Window Color : Sky

Sunset Bird

Desktop Background : Sunset Bird Window Color : Sun

Dark Blue

Desktop Background : Dark Blue Window Color : Slate

Retro Stripes

Desktop Background : Retro Stripes Window Color : Sky


Desktop Background : Dump Window Color : Lime

The Path

Desktop Background : The Path Window Color : Lime