Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
Sunset Autum

Desktop Background: Sunset Autum Window Color : Leaf

Thames Pier

Desktop Background: Thames Pier Window Color : Sky


Desktop Background: Moonset Window Color : Slate

Stillness in the Storm

Desktop Background: Stillness in the Storm Window Color : Lavender

Pier Lighting

Desktop Background: Pier Lighting Window Color : Twilight

3 Ways

Desktop Background: 3 Ways Window Color : Sun

Jungle HDR

Desktop Background: Jungle HDR Window Color : Leaf

Bright Sunset

Desktop Background: Bright Sunset Window Color : Sun

Hut Blue Sky

Desktop Background: Hut Blue Sky Window Color : Sky

Sunset in Taipei

Desktop Background: Sunset in Taipei Window Color : Sky

Blue Sea Caribbean

Desktop Background: Blue Sea Caribbean Window Color : Sky

The Beautiful Bay

Desktop Background: The Beautiful Bay Window Color : Twilight

Superb Sunny Day

Desktop Background: Superb Sunny Day Window Color : Lime

Sun Rivers

Desktop Background: Sun Rivers Window Color : Sun

Beautiful Field Scenery

Wallpaper: Beautiful Field Scenery Window Color : Leaf

Vancouver Landscape

Desktop Background: Vancouver Landscape Window Color : Sky

Agana Bay

Desktop Background: Agana Bay Window Color : Sun

Sky Coast

Desktop Background: Sky Coast Window Color : Sky

Distant Planet 3D

Desktop Background: Distant Planet 3D Window Color : Violet

Sandy Road

Desktop Background: Sandy Road Window Color : Blush

Amazing Winter Landscape

Desktop Background: Amazing Winter Landscape Window Color : Twilight

Colorado Sunset by Kriegs

Desktop Background: Colorado Sunset by Kriegs Window Color : Sun

Spring Purple and White Flowers

Desktop Background: Spring Purple and White Flowers Window Color : Lavender

Violent Crashing Waves

Desktop Background: Violent Crashing Waves Window Color : Frost

Luxury Boats in Port

Desktop Background: Luxury Boats in Port Window Color : Sky

Spectacular Sea

Desktop Background: Spectacular Sea Window Color : Lavender

City Night Fantasy

Desktop Background: City Night Fantasy Window Color : Twilight

Dunes HD

Desktop Background: Dunes HD Window Color : Taupe

Lovely Nature Landscape

Desktop Background: Lovely Nature Landscape Window Color : Sun

Sunshine Forest

Desktop Background: Sunshine Forest Window Color : Leaf

Field Way

Desktop Background: Field Way Window Color : Slate

Dreamy Sunset

Desktop Background: Dreamy Sunset Window Color : Lavender

Hearts in Clouds

Desktop Background: Hearts in Clouds Window Color : Sky

Ear of Wheat

Desktop Background: Ear of Wheat Window Color : Taupe

Amazing Spring Landscape

Desktop Background: Amazing Spring Landscape Window Color : Lavender

Blue Sunset

Desktop Background: Blue Sunset Window Color : Sky

Wing Flight

Desktop Background: Wing Flight Window Color : Sky

Shadow of Sunrise

Desktop Background: Shadow of Sunrise Window Color : Sun


Desktop Background: Serenity Window Color : Lavender