Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
White Autumn Night

Desktop Background: White Autumn Night Window Color : Violet

The Love Island

Desktop Background: The Love Island Window Color : Lavender

Blue Winter Night

Desktop Background: Blue Winter Night Window Color : Sky

Cosmos Reflection

Desktop Background: Cosmos Reflection Window Color : Violet

Haleakala Starts

Desktop Background: Haleakala Starts Window Color : Violet

Lake and Sky Scenic

Desktop Background: Lake and Sky Scenic Window Color : Sky

Clouds Fields

Desktop Background: Clouds Fields Window Color : Sky

Exotic Beach

Desktop Background: Exotic Beach Window Color : Blush

Beautiful Winter Sunny Day

Desktop Background: Beautiful Winter Sunny Day Window Color : Frost

Snow Peak

Desktop Background: Snow Peak Window Color : Frost

Curve Dreamy World

Desktop Background: Curve Dreamy World Window Color : Leaf

The Beautiful Green Nature

Desktop Background: The Beautiful Green Nature Window Color : Leaf

Grassland on the Beach

Desktop Background:  Grassland on the Beach Window Color : Taupe

Colorful Night Sky

Desktop Background:  Colorful Night Sky Window Color : Blush

A Dreamy World

Desktop Background: A Dreamy World Window Color : Lavender

The Sun Shines

Desktop Background: The Sun Shines Window Color : Sun


Desktop Background: Deadwood Window Color : Taupe

Sunrise Tree

Desktop Background: Sunrise Tree Window Color : Sun

Autum Road

Desktop Background: Autum Road Window Color : Sun

Colour River

Desktop Background: Colour River Window Color : Sky

Cloudy and Sky

Desktop Background: Cloudy and Sky Window Color : Sky

Spring Nature

Desktop Background: Spring Nature Window Color : Sky

Love Island

Desktop Background: Love Island Window Color : Sky

Winter Expedition

Desktop Background: Winter Expedition Window Color : Frost


Desktop Background: Purify Window Color : Blush

Beautiful Garden

Desktop Background: Beautiful Garden Window Color : Sun

Fresh Nature

Desktop Background: Fresh Nature Window Color : Blush

Blooming Spring

Desktop Background: Blooming Spring Window Color : Sky

Cool Sunset

Desktop Background: Cool Sunset Window Color : Sun

Bright Desert

Desktop Background: Bright Desert Window Color : Taupe

Great Japanese Temple

Desktop Background: Great Japanese Temple Window Color : Leaf

Tree Lighting

Desktop Background: Tree Lighting Window Color : Violet

Snow Falling

Desktop Background: Snow Falling Window Color : Frost


Desktop Background: Frostwork Window Color : Frost

Snowy Trees and Blue Sky

Desktop Background: Snowy Trees and Blue Sky Window Color : Sky

Heart Island

Desktop Background: Heart Island Window Color : Sky

White Trees Winter

Desktop Background: White Trees Winter Window Color : Frost

Snowy Country Road

Desktop Background: Snowy Country Road Window Color : Frost

Seashells and Starfish

Desktop Background: Seashells and Starfish Window Color : Frost