Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
Winter Night

Desktop Background: Winter Night Window Color : Sun


Desktop Background: Orange Day Window Color : Lime

Amazing Nature Corner

Desktop Background: Amazing Nature Corner Window Color : Sky

Stones And Sea

Desktop Background:  Stones And Sea Window Color : Sky

Waterfall And Mountains

Desktop Background:  Waterfall And Mountains Window Color : Sun

Germany Frankfurt

Desktop Background: Germany Frankfurt Window Color : Sky

Zakynthos Island

Desktop Background: Zakynthos Island Window Color : Sky

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Desktop Background: Brooklyn Bridge New York Window Color : Blush

Road West HDR

Desktop Background: Road West HDR Window Color : Lime

Breaking Through The Trees

Desktop Background:  Breaking Through The Trees Window Color : Leaf

The Green Domination

Desktop Background: The Green Domination Window Color : Leaf

Maldives Conrad Beach

Desktop Background: Maldives Conrad Beach Window Color : Sky

Palms and Hammock

Desktop Background: Palms and Hammock Window Color : Sky

Exotic Summer Day

Desktop Background: Exotic Summer Day Window Color : Sky

Superb Fantasy

Desktop Background: Superb Fantasy Window Color : Violet

Beautiful Sea View

Desktop Background:  Beautiful Sea View Window Color : Sky

The Biggest Moon

Desktop Background: The Biggest Moon Window Color : Slate

Stones Barrage

Desktop Background: Stones Barrage Window Color : Slate

Green Road

Desktop Background: Green Road Window Color : Lime

Sunset in Paris

Desktop Background: Sunset in Paris Window Color : Sky

Sea Blue Light

Desktop Background: Sea Blue Light Window Color : Sky

Lovely Autumn

Desktop Background: Lovely Autumn Window Color : Leaf

Summer Cold

Desktop Background: Summer Cold Window Color : Blush

Curtain Falls

Desktop Background : Curtain Falls Window Color : Blush

Dream Cottage

Desktop Background : Dream Cottage Window Color : Lime

Burning Autumn

Desktop Background : Burning Autumn Window Color : Leaf

Sunset Palm Trees

Desktop Background : Sunset Palm Trees Window Color : Sun

Clear Beach Sky

Desktop Background : Clear Beach Sky Window Color : Sky

The Flight of Apollo

Desktop Background : The Flight of Apollo Window Color : Sky


Desktop Background : Powerful Window Color : Sky

Sunset Highway

Desktop Background : Sunset Highway Window Color : Sun

Sky of Lighters

Desktop Background : Sky of Lighters Window Color : Sky

Moon Night

Desktop Background : Moon Night Window Color : Violet

DH Wallpapers

Desktop Background : Depth of Forest Window Color : Leaf


Desktop Background : Lighters Window Color : Sky

Plum Point

Desktop Background : Plum Point Window Color : Sky

Blue Sunset

Desktop Background : Blue Sunset Window Color : Violet

Wonder by ivanandreevich

Desktop Background : Wonder by ivanandreevich Window Color : Lavender

Matterhorn's Midnight Reflection

Desktop Background : Matterhorn’s Midnight Reflection Window Color : Violet