Download Windows 7 Themes & Wallpapers
Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.
Boken Grass Green

Wallpaper: Boken Grass Green Window Color : Taupe


Wallpaper: Colors of Leaves Window Color : Leaf

Cold Leaves

Wallpaper: Cold Leaves Window Color : Sky

Cute Foxy Relaxing

Wallpaper: Cute Foxy Relaxing Window Color : Leaf

Lovely Cherry Blossom

Desktop Background: Lovely Cherry Blossom Window Color : Twilight Leaf

Desktop Background:  Bamboo Leaf Window Color : Leaf


Desktop Background: Greenish Window Color : Leaf


Desktop Background: Filiale Window Color : Leaf

Untitled Leaf

Desktop Background: Untitled Leaf Window Color : Violet

Winter Frosted Tree

Desktop Background: Winter Frosted Tree Window Color : Sky


Desktop Background: Gravity Window Color : Lavender

Liquid Gems

Desktop Background: Liquid Gems Window Color : Leaf


Desktop Background: Dew Window Color : Leaf

Big Maple

Desktop Background: Big Maple Window Color : Sun

Big Sun

Desktop Background: Big Sun Window Color : Violet

Green Maple Leaves

Desktop Background: Green Maple Leaves Window Color : Taupe

Samsung Galaxy S3

Desktop Background: Samsung Galaxy S3 Window Color : Sky

Shiny Leaves

Desktop Background: Shiny Leaves Window Color : Blush

Golden Foliage

Desktop Background: Golden Foliage Window Color : Blush

Feather Close-Up

Desktop Background: Feather Close-Up Window Color : Leaf

Colored Leaves by martz90

Desktop Background: Colored Leaves by martz90 Window Color : Leaf


Desktop Background: Vitality Window Color : Lavender

Grass is Green

Desktop Background: Grass is Green Window Color : Leaf

Grass of Light

Desktop Background:  Grass of Light Window Color : Blush

Dark Rain

Desktop Background: Dark Rain Window Color : Slate


Desktop Background: Tears Window Color : Violet


Desktop Background: Perfection Window Color : Leaf

Autumn bloom

Desktop Background: Autumn bloom Window Color : Sun

Old Tree

Desktop Background: Old Tree Window Color : Sun

Curve Nature

Desktop Background: Curve Nature Window Color : Sun

Old Giant Tree

Desktop Background: Old Giant Tree Window Color : Lime

Twig with Leaves

Desktop Background: Twig with Leaves Window Color : Lime

Evening Light

Desktop Background: Evening Light Window Color : Sun

Ear of Wheat

Desktop Background: Ear of Wheat Window Color : Taupe

Plants Between The Stones

Desktop Background: Plants Between The Stones Window Color : Slate

The Beautiful Green Nature

Desktop Background: The Beautiful Green Nature Window Color : Leaf

Green Nature Drops

Desktop Background: Green Nature Drops Window Color : Leaf

Plant Macro

Desktop Background: Plant Macro Window Color : Leaf

Rare Flowers

Desktop Background: Rare Flowers Window Color : Sky