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Download daily beautiful Windows 7 Themes with high-quality wallpapers. Let you have fun with many theme styles.

Wallpaper: Rocky Shore Window Color : Lavender


Wallpaper: Coastal Sunset Sea Window Color : Sea


Wallpaper: Big Almaty Lake Window Color : Slate

Vacation Time

Wallpaper: Vacation Time Window Color : Sky


Wallpaper: Beautiful Green Landscape Window Color : Sky


Wallpaper: Baltic Sea Window Color : Sky

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Universe Scenery

Wallpaper: Universe Scenery Window Color : Slate

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OS X Lynx

Wallpaper: OS X Lynx Window Color : Twilight

Manarola Town in Italy

Wallpaper: Manarola Town in Italy Window Color : Slate

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Wallpaper: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Window Color : Lavender

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Umbrella of Love

Wallpaper: Umbrella of Love Window Color : Frost


Wallpaper: Sonnenlicht Window Color : Leaf

Mountain village

Wallpaper: Mountain village Window Color : Sky

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Blue Galaxy

Wallpaper: Blue Galaxy Window Color : Twilight

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Almaz Holding

Wallpaper: Almaz Holding Window Color : Violet

Uphill Road

Wallpaper: Uphill Road Window Color : Lavender

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Spectre Cat

Wallpaper: Spectre Cat Window Color : Blush

Nature Bond

Wallpaper: Nature Bond Window Color : Frost

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Mountains Skyscapes

Wallpaper: Mountains Skyscapes Window Color : Violet

HDR Clounds Mountains

Wallpaper: HDR Clounds Mountains Window Color : Lavender


Wallpaper:Monsters Window Color : Blush


Wallpaper: Desktopography Window Color : Frost

Chill Winter Night

Wallpaper: Amazing Rocks Window Color : Sky

Blue Heaven Sea

Wallpaper: Blue Heaven Sea Window Color : Sky

Armenia, Mastara

Wallpaper: Armenia, cialis Mastara

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Windows 8 Cool

Wallpaper: Windows 8 Cool Window Color : Leaf

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Vintage Cute Cat

Wallpaper: Vintage Cute Cat Window Color : Slate

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Space Planet Disaster

Wallpaper: Space Planet Disaster Window Color : Violet

Creative Windows 8

Wallpaper: Creative Windows 8 Window Color : Slate

Colorful Triangles

Wallpaper: Colorful Triangles Window Color : Slate

Chill Winter Night

Wallpaper: Chill Winter Night Window Color : Twilight

Tropical Island Landscape

Wallpaper: Tropical Island Landscape Window Color : Sky

Sunset fields

Wallpaper: Sunset fields Window Color : Leaf

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Flower Pair

Wallpaper: Flower Pair Window Color : Leaf

Whales Dream

Wallpaper: Whales Dream Window Color : Violet

Mountain Kingdom

Wallpaper: Mountain Kingdom Window Color : Taupe

Lion Abstract

Wallpaper: Lion Abstract Window Color : Slate

Close Fields

Wallpaper: Horse Ride Window Color : Frost

2014 Horse Year

Wallpaper: Beach Sunset Window Color : Sun