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Symbol of Love

Wallpaper: Symbol of Love Window Color : LTaupe

Maple Tree

Wallpaper: Maple Tree by fallenflowers Window Color : Leaf


Wallpaper: Blue Hour by xys Window Color : Sky

Steel Sea

Wallpaper: Steel Sea Window Color : Sky

Alki Beach Sunrise

Wallpaper: Alki Beach Sunrise Window Color : Blush

Morning Chill

Wallpaper: Morning Chill Window Color : Sun

East Fork Falls

Wallpaper: East Fork Falls Window Color : Leaf

The Time of Silence

Wallpaper: The Time of Silence Window Color : Sky

Sky on Fire

Wallpaper: Sky on Fire Window Color : Lavender

San Francisco at Night Windows 7 Themes

Wallpaper: San Francisco at Night Window Color : Slate

Autumn Morning Windows 7 Theme

Wallpaper: Autumn Morning Window Color : Leaf

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Nature Butterflies

Desktop Background: Nature Butterflies Window Color : Sun

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Love Metal Text

Desktop Background: Love Metal Text Window Color : Blush

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Szechenyi Chain Bridge Budapest

Desktop Background: Szechenyi Chain Bridge Budapest Window Color : Blush

Kapalua Sunset

Desktop Background: Kapalua Sunset Window Color : Sun

The Fire Sunset

Desktop Background: The Fire Sunset Window Color : Sun

Somewhere in Thailand

Desktop Background: Somewhere in Thailand Window Color : Sky

Sunset Moon

Desktop Background: Sunset Moon Window Color : Twilight

Geiranger at Night

Desktop Background: Geiranger at Night Window Color : Blush

Outside Stars

Desktop Background: Outside Stars Window Color : Violet

Night Road

Desktop Background: Night Road Window Color : Chocolate

Sunset Farm

Desktop Background: Sunset Farm Window Color : Lime

Grape Plantation

Desktop Background: Grape Plantation Window Color : Lime

Tokyo Night Bridge Landscape

Desktop Background: Tokyo Night Bridge Landscape Window Color : Twilight

Autumn Glory

Desktop Background: Autumn Glory Window Color : Blush

Deep Blue Night

Desktop Background: Deep Blue Night Window Color : Violet

Burning Flower

Desktop Background: Burning Flower Window Color : Ruby

Sunset Fuji

Desktop Background: Sunset Fuji Window Color : Sky

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Light Nature Flowers

Desktop Background: Light Nature Flowers Window Color : Sun

Copacabana Beach

Desktop Background: Copacabana Beach Window Color : Violet

Bright Spring

Desktop Background: Bright Spring Window Color : Sun

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Marigold Lilac Purple Flowers

Desktop Background: Marigold Lilac Purple Flowers Window Color : Violet

Fantasy Dream

Desktop Background: Fantasy Dream Window Color : Violet

Golden City Coast

Desktop Background: Golden City Coast Window Color : Violet

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Crysis 3 The Nanosuit

Desktop Background: Crysis 3 The Nanosuit Window Color : Violet

Under The World

Desktop Background: Under The World Window Color : Blush

Coconut Sea Sunrise

Desktop Background: Coconut Sea Sunrise Window Color : Sun

New Zealand Mountain

Desktop Background: New Zealand Mountain Window Color : Blush

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Colorful Space Retro

Desktop Background: Colorful Space Retro Window Color : Twilight